Wednesday, March 27, 2019



Trusting God in ALL things will lead us to true peace, true joy and true love. We are set free from those things in this world that imprison us. We forgive and we are forgiven healing our soul as we place all justice in the Hands of our creator. We become citizens of Heaven and receive all of the benefits: blessings, healings, protection, favor, salvation, deliverance, etc. We live a ‘full life’ honoring the God who loves us by sharing His love and Good News with others. Amen. 

In Jesus Name, ask Our Father for His Grace when you are in a time of need. Jesus said “My peace I leave you, My peace I give you. (Shalom: health, wholeness, peace)” Don’t let your heart be troubled or be full of fear. Hold on to this peace and know that the Lord fights for you. Wait on our Creator who will give you rest when the troubles of this world burden you. Jesus has defeated this world, we share His Victory and His peace is with you. 

"I am your God who heals you." Lord, please give our doctors wisdom and deliver us from this suffering. Jesus, You suffered for our sins and illnesses. "By His stripes we are healed." We feel You so close, giving us strength and courage to go on. "Your power is made perfect in my weakness." No matter how bad things look, I 'hang on' to Your Words, I say them, I repeat them and I know that all things will work out for the best. Lord, thank You, thank You, thank You. 

With Jesus by our side and by the leading of the Holy Spirit, we pray for ABBA to deliver us from the enemy and to loosen all bindings that tie us to our prisons. We forgive those who have hurt us or anyone in our family and we place them in God’s mercy.  As we abide in Christ, we can now receive the forgiveness, the blessings and the healings from Our Father. Jesus, thank you for all you have done for us. We love You.

To live a ‘full life’ means you are filled with God’s love, joy and peacewhich only comes from Jesus, our Master and role model. You become fully aware that you are loved and the Spirit of God guides you to share this love by serving others. All difficulties and hardships are temporary and you are able to overcome them with total submission and trust in God. A positive attitude guards your mind since you know for certain, without any doubts, that with Jesus in your heart, the Lord will work everything out for good (Rom. 8:28).

Praying without Jesus is like mailing a letter without a postage stamp. It's not going to go anywhere. “We have been made righteous through His faithfulness combined with our faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.” Romans 5:1

Allow yourself to receive God's blessings by flooding yourself with Jesus. The only WAY to the Father is through Jesus. Without Him we can do nothing. With Him we are more than conquerors. When we experience God through Jesus, we find that we don't want to live one second without Him. 

“Those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” Isaiah 40:31 I have personally experienced this promise from God by resting and submitting to a transfusion of Our Lord Jesusthroughout my body and receiving God’s Love, Peace and Healing. We absolutely need Jesus to experience God's many promises. Ask, Seek, Knock ... Receive, Find, Open. 

Where will we set our hope today, in this life, on this side of eternity?Where will we turn to find meaning for our lives, to find relief from stress, to fill up the emptiness that every soul experiences. With what will we occupy our minds? In what will we invest our thoughts, energy and focus? Remember that we will be resurrected as Christ was. God protects us and our inheritance in eternity. Our salvation is secure. There is only one logical place to set our hope. That is in God's grace given to us in the form of Jesus. At this moment, all the longings of our hearts will be fully satisfied. This will take mental work. We should stay alert, "preparing our minds for action." We must take control of where our thoughts go and what our minds dwell on. If we do not fully engage in intentional hope-setting, we will be easily distracted by the false hope of satisfaction that the world has to offer us.