Wednesday, March 27, 2019



Know that God loves you and He does not want you to be contaminated by the imperfections of this world. He was willing to die not only for all of your sins but also for all of your diseases and ailments. In order to receive God's healing, accept Jesus as your Savior and ask Him to forgive you for the many times you have made the wrong choice. You must also forgive those that have hurt you. Trust and Know that you have been healed by the wounds that Jesus suffered. Thank God for He is the God who heals you. He loves you. 

We live our life putting many puzzle pieces together but we don't have a big picture of what the end result should be. Helen Keller was asked, “What's worse than being blind?” She said, “Having sight but not having a vision.”  God has a wonderful vision for each one of us. He has a great plan with many challenging tasks. We need to live His plan and pray for His guidance and everything will fall into place. We need to complete the work God is calling us to do. 

In prayer, Jesus told me that He lives in my heart & soul and to close my eyes and let Him flow through my veins to every cell of my body.When I stood up, every ache & pain that was in my body for over 25 years caused by arthritis, two hip replacements and some back problems, went away COMPLETELY. For the next few weeks, I have not felt one single ache or pain ANYWHERE IN MY BODY. I stopped going to my weekly physical therapy. I am a true walking miracle. Thank you Lord for Your healing love. I must share this wonderful experience with everyone. 

Jesus wants to be with you every second of your life 24x7. The Father’s love and blessings flow to us through Jesus. His Spirit provides the courage and power we need to overcome any obstacle. He helps, He comforts, He guides, He teaches, He intercedes, He is always on our side, He forgives, He heals, He leads us to the truth and He brings us joy and peace. 

I send you God’s blessings in this text.Please take a moment to separate yourself from your 5 senses and let your soul connect to the essence of Jesus. He is waiting to tell you He loves you and He will remove all your worries and pain. He will fill you with the spirit of His love, joy, peace and healing.  

Once we place something in God's Hands we must know that the resolution will always be good. We can't let the potholes, speed bumps and traffic jams along the way keep us from reaching our final destination. The only one who can mess things up is us, by listening to the enemy's lies and changing the course. God is good. The Holy Spirit is our GPS. Jesus makes all of this possible by His sacrifice for us. In Jesus Name. 

The best thing to do when you are tending to a full plate is to ask the Lord for guidance and wisdom so that you make the most out of each involvement. He will help you to prioritize and to spend the right amount of time and to come up with a plan to address each one. Remember, that ONLY good things come from Godand we need His help to get rid of the issues that do not come from Him. He wants you to be at peace and full of joy. 

God provides His unending love. Jesus forgives you, heals you and gives you a new start. The Holy Spirit helps you find the Truth, guides you, comforts you and sets you free to trust God and help others. 

We connect our home to an electricity source and we can distribute energy throughout our house and have outdoor lights that shine in our neighborhood. In the same way, we can connect through Jesus to the source of all love, forgiveness and healing which we can apply to our body and have it shine to others. “You are the light of the world.” Matt 5:14

The sun will exist every day of our lives. If we lock ourselves in a basement, we will live in darkness and never feel the light and warmth of the sun. God is always present. If we focus on the things of this world, we will not experience the Glory of God, His love, forgiveness, protection, guidance, healing and His favor. Open the door to your heart and let Jesus bring you to a new life.