Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Spiritual and Physical Worlds

Spiritual and Physical Worlds

Spiritual and Physical worlds coexist. When we combine trust, confidence, expectation and obedience with our Faith in God’s promises, then spiritual miracles will start to materialize and become part of our physical world. If we doubt then miracles start to dissolve. The Holy Spirit guides us and Jesus helps us to experience God’s Kingdom and His Will on this physical earth now as it is in spiritual Heaven.

Sickness, disease, anxiety, stress, worry, bad times, etc. are sneaking into your life to destroy and kill you. They want you to believe that you have to pay for your sins. Payment is required, but Jesus already paid for ALL of your sins and He suffered to heal all your illnesses and worries. Never doubt this: Christ fought the battle, won and everything is PAID IN FULL. Jesus has ALL AUTHORITY and He commands the enemy to LEAVE RIGHT NOW and to NEVER RETURN.

The Blood of Jesus washes away your sins. He will set you free from your bad choices. Confess your sins and ask Jesus to please forgive you because you have no intention of ever repeating these sins. Remember that In order to be forgiven, you must ask Jesus to help you forgive anyone who has ever wronged you.

We have been commanded by Jesus to eliminate illness (“Go and Heal the sick!”) ... it is our responsibility to trust and obey. Know that the Lord is always FOR YOU, WITH YOU and IN YOU. With Jesus, you can do all things, you are more than a conqueror. Jesus says, “Your Faith has healed you. Go and sin no more.”

Once you are healed, share God’s love and Jesus’ victory by bringing healing to others ... friends, family and anyone who needs help. Ask the Holy Spirit of God to guide you in this assignment. Freely you have received ... freely give.

The ONLY way to connect to God’s constant love, forgiveness, healing, comfort, joy and peace is through Jesus Christ who took all our sins, worries, illnesses, etc. upon Himself and spiritually paid for our freedom so we could receive all of God’s blessings. Please let Jesus live in your heart and soul. This is the ONLY Way, the Truth and the Life.