Friday, June 25, 2021

Prayer for God’s children

Prayer for God’s children


My child, I have Good News. It is time for you to learn “The Truth”. 



I Am the One Who created you. I will always love you and protect you. I always want the best for you. Please accept My love and know that I want you just the way you are, but I need you to be close to Me, so I can help you become the best you can be. I have a great plan for your future. I have already written your life story and it has a great ending that says you will be with Me in Heaven for Eternity. Talk to Me every day and I will give you the wisdom to understand the secrets of My wonderful and mysterious Kingdom. I have put My Son, Jesus, in charge of everything in Heaven and on earth. Please listen to Him:



I Am Jesus, I love you, I am always by your side and I will never let you down. I will show you “The Way”. Just by calling My Name, “Jesus”, I will stand in front of you to protect you and to save you. 


I know everything about you and I want your life to be full of love, joy and peace. In order to do this, I will repair your broken heart and I will help you to escape from any situation that is blocking your happiness. As I move into your life, I will help you to forgive anyone who has ever hurt you and I will forgive you for your bad choices and I will help you to correct them and to resist them. I suffered and died to pay for all of your sins and to reconnect you forever to God our Father. With Me, we can conquer anything but without Me, you will be lost.



My Spirit will live in you and will turn you into a new person. You will break free from those traps of gossip, criticism, hatred, revenge, etc. I will teach you to place people, places and things at their right level of importance. You will only use apps like Facebook as a way of sharing good ideas, meeting good people, learning new concepts, etc. You will only use gaming apps to entertain yourself but none of these apps can ever replace the limited number of years you have to enjoy with your family. You will never want to look for ways to escape from reality because you will always find comfort and excitement in your new life with Me. 


I will raise you above the day-to-day struggles, so you will not conform to any bad habits but instead transform your mind to think about and prepare for your wonderful future. I will guide you and give you the wisdom and understanding to resist any thoughts or anything that attempts to mislead you. I will give you the knowledge and power to go through life safely and I will not let you stumble. You will give me all your worries, concerns, including illnesses and I will take care of them for you. I am your counselor, protector and healer. 



You will start to think like Jesus and you will learn to love and help others find “The Truth”. You will become a light that shines in the darkness of this world. You will Believe and Trust in Me to help you to prepare and to be ready as you move into every new chapter in My plan for your entire life. Your new life will be such an exciting story filled with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. 


Are you ready to enter into a new chapter in the book of your life? Start by calling my Name.